How it works

Is my vote on Papabili anonymous?

The platform used in Papabili is completely anonymous. No personal data are required. The only shared info is the preference of vote. The application doesn’t have any access to phone number or other private info.

No sensitive information about the smartphone/tablet are saved.

The application gets just the MAC address of the smartphone/tablet wifi card and uses it as the key to guarantee that the vote is unique.

If I have more than one smartphone can I vote more than once?

Yes. Unfortunately in order to let the user to vote anonymously we don’t require any registration, so the only key is related to the device (see above) and therefore more smartphones mean more votes.

If I change idea can I change the vote?

Yes, using the same smartphone or tablet.

In realtime, the application verifies the existence of a vote for that device and overwrites it with the new vote. The vote can be changed infinitely.