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Papabili is a free application for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, that allows you to share your preference for the Papal Elections. You can choose one of the “papabili” (papal contenders) and check immediately the results.

You can vote just once but the great advantage of Papabili is that you can change idea (and so your vote) any time you want!

Papabili is just a way to share the preference of people about the papal contenders.

All the information are collected from Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_papabili_in_the_2013_papal_conclave.

The list of papabili in the 2013 papal conclave is based on various media predictions and do not reflect in any form an official announcement of candidacy. Most offices in the Roman Curia expire upon the death or resignation of the pope. Those cardinals listed as being last to hold an office held those positions at the time of Benedict XVI’s resignation.

Papabili has been implemented using openvoters.org: the open source platform to build voting/polling services. The engine is open source and therefore it’s available to anybody and this is absolutely important to certify the transparency of the voting mechanism.